Application process

Candidates must apply in their home institution.

Please check below the requirements of the host institution where you plan to attend the dual degree.

Eligibility requirements

 ESSEC  KU Leuven  KDI School SNU-GSIS
Solid academic record

GMAT min. 600

TOEFL IBT min. 100 
or TOEIC min. 850 
or IELTS min. 7.0
Solid academic record

TOEFL IBT min. 100 
or IELTS min. 7.0
TOEFL IBT min. 80
TOEFL IBT min. 100 ( Int’l Cooperation major)

TOEFL IBT min. 94 (Int’l Area Studies major)

Non-Korean nationality

Application file

 Documents required by all the institutions
Application form
Curriculum vitae
Motivation letter (1 page)
Study plan (1 page)
Official transcripts
Certificate of graduation (bachelor’s degree)
One ID photo
Copy of passport
Nomination letter from sending partner institution

 Additional documents required for each institution
 Copy of GMAT score

Copy of TOEFL /

Two letters  of recommendation
 Statement on previous research experience (writing papers or dissertation)

Copy of TOEFL / IELTS score
 Certificate of enrollment

One letter of recommendation
 Certificate of registration or proof of enrollment

Two letters of recommendation

Copies of both parents’ passports

Official document indicating parent-child relationship between the applicant and his/her parents

Certificate proving English proficiency

Agreement for verification of academic record